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Disc Padlock

  • Moving 1-1/2" Heavy laminated chrome plates
  • Hardened chromed-steel shackle
  • 5-pin solid brass cylinder
  • 40 MM width of padlock
  • Use for storage lockers, moving containers and rental trucks

Which Lock is the Best

Knowing which lock is the best to use is of outmost importance that is commonly ignored when it comes to securing the contents of any moving or storage unit.  Using a good lock to secure the moving truck, pods type storage units or you space in the mini storage facilities is the first step in protecting your valuables.  Here we examine the three most common locks, chain locks, padlocks and disc locks, with our recommended one first.

Disc Locks

Disc locks are our favorite security systems for many good reasons.  Disk locks bring padlocks one step further by covering the entire body and reducing the exposed area of shackle.  This in turn prevents the primary issues that padlock normally encounters. The covered body and minimal shackle exposure makes them extremely hard to remove with bolt cutters.  In addition the small shackles have significantly less area subjected to adverse environmental conditions.  In order to gain entry the crooks would have to break the entire disc lock, which even then the disc lock’s body is by far heavier than the padlock and much more difficult to break. Furthermore, anti-pick pins really are a fantastic function on disc locks that reduces the risks of break-ins. Even though disc locks might be more costly than padlocks or chain locks, we strongly suggest that you use them to protect your storage unit.


Also known as U-Locks, padlocks are usually what you picture when you consider a lock, and therefore are most likely the lock you accustomed to for protecting your locker in school. Although padlocks could be sufficient for basic safety, they are really not the most effective locking mechanism to safeguard your storage space.  Padlocks definitely will get the job done well enough, and are considered to be more advanced than chain locks, however they do have their very own unique flaws: particularly, their uncovered shackles and keyholes. This can be an issue especially in the winter weather, when severe cold could potentially cause the shackle to break away on the door or keys to bust inside the keyhole. Besides the fact that they are subjected to the sun and rain and therefore prone to environmental harm, they are also in increased threat from criminals.  The extended, uncovered shackle of the padlock provides a tender aim for bolt cutters and the lock itself could be picked open by thieves.

Chain Locks

Chain locks are usually less expensive than the other varieties; in addition to their flexible chains provide multipurpose functionality.  But when it comes to security they offer the lowest protection against break and entry.  Every single link within the string is definitely an additional busting place for any criminal to use the bolt cutters on.  Their larger exterior and range of busting points clearly put them at far more risk from environmental harm.  You should by no means utilize chain locks to protect your storage space.  Bicycle chains, which feature a vinyl fabric, plastic-type material, or rubberized covering around the string, will also be not advised.  

More Information
UPC 810150480610
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Silver
Material Chromed Steel
Features / Information none
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.420000
Product Length 4.000000
Product Width 2.000000
Product Height 1.000000
Be sure to measure the area where you want to place your padlock to ensure lock will fit the intended area
Not all padlocks are the same and best to check the description for the type of padlock you need
The most crucial areas are to make sure the lock will secure in the area allotted and the shank is long enough to close
If padlocks will be close to another storage area a flat disc lock may work best in these type situations
A padlock may be reused time and again for different types of boxes, storage, work benches, trucks, and containers
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