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Miracle File Boxes 12 Pack

  • Sturdy Office File Boxes for offices, businesses, or home offices to store important paperwork
  • 12 Pack of Document File Boxes to organize important documents, contracts, and tax documents
  • Each box measures 15"x12"x10" with a closing lid to keep paperwork secure
  • Outer labeling for box contents to easily identify the contents when searching for files
  • Easy to assemble and set up an organized office document storage system
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Office File Boxes

Move your office from drawer to file boxes in minutes.  Sturdy corrugated file boxes are great for storage after the move.  Each box has a place to write contents of files to easily identify what is stored in the boxes.

We have received a lot of calls from companies who are moving their offices questioning which moving supplies are best for their move.  Moving a business office can be a big task that will need extra support from colleagues and possibly moving staffers. Having seen a few office moves we found that the key to a successful move is to build some alliances who can help motivate and coordinate the rest of the office staff.  Office file boxes are one of the most orgaized moving supplies you will need.

To get you started on  your office move we have listed some very important steps to help you in your moving plan.

Prepare for the Move

Draft a moving day chart to outline all the necessary tasks for your move.  Gather your office co-workers to discuss your time-line and allow them to participate in packing their office items.  If you have a small office you should allow 3 months prep time, medium sized and larger offices need six to eight months that will provide them ample time to complete the stages necessary for the move.  Post the moving plan in a common area as a reminder for moving day.

Next draft a layout of the new office where all workers can identify with the layout of the new office and a general guide for employees new working space.  Once workers identify with storage areas, electrical outlets, and wall space to hang organizational tools setup a general packing area.  Place a table with a moving blanket over the table to soften the impact and put tape, office labels, and markers in a organizational container on the table.  If employees identify areas of concern in their new work space keep a running list of tasks that need to be addressed before the move.  Perhaps there is not enough electrical outlets, or they need a printer stand or there is not enough storage areas.  Preparing ahead of time will let you address these concerns with your build out construction crew, office management, or contractors.

Assemble Your Office Team Members

For larger offices, we highly recommend having a point person in each department to coordinate their co-workers tasks and keep a checklist to ensure the boxes are packed properly and labeled for their department.  If you are moving a smaller office have a point person such as a receptionist keep the checklist.  It is very important to start packing as early as possible so any files that are not used regularly should be packed in file boxes and labeled properly in case you need access to those files.  The more items that are not used frequently you can get packed the easier your move will be.  The company should order office supplies sparingly and co-workers should share existing supplies until after the move.  

If an area in your office is not working for the employees such as a boardroom, lunchroom, or storage space you may discuss new ways to layout the new space.

Have Weekly Meetings

Once a week gather to discuss progress in your departmental move.  This will enable coordinators to update everyone on changes that need to be made and identify departments who are behind schedule for the move.

Determine Moving Budget

You may find moving budget templates online to identify costs pre-move.  Shop online and compare costs such as moving boxes, moving laborers, and moving companies.  If you are going to hire a moving company it is best to get several quotes.  However if you are a DIY mover then decide who will be doing the loading and off loading of your office goods.  Also shop for the best truck rental rate.  Be sure to compare costs such as insurance, travel per mile, etc...  When purchasing large volume boxes you may always call the company and ask for a discount on your moving supplies.   Keep in mind your electronics are expensive and having the right movers is essential.   Even if you are a DIY mover you may consider hiring a moving labor company that covers insurance needs.

Assign Committee for Utility Setup and Address Changes

Lastly it is important all your services will be in place once you arrive to your new office.  The committee should be in charge of making sure the phones have been setup, post office notified of address change and all Vendors have been updated on your new address.  The websites and all other online exposure should have address changed as well.  

Best Wishes on Moving Day!

More Information
UPC 810042159716
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Specialty
Type File Storage Box
Features / Information Lift-Off Lid With Easy Carry Handles, Easy To Assemble With Pre-folds & No Tape Necessary, Writable Inventory And Box Filing System, Durable Protection For Important Files and Storage.
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 22.400000
Product Length 15.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 10.000000
Miracle file boxes which can be folded flat for storage or assembled quickly for use
Boxes that are light and comfortable to lift with their strengthen tear-resistant handles
Decrease the effect on the environment with boxes made with over 50% recycled material
Safely stack numerous miracle file boxes to salvage space within your work area
Identify files right away in storage by writing its contents on the exterior of the box
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