Large Bubble Roll - 65' x 12" Wide

Large Bubble 65' x 12" Wrap

Bubble rolls with large-size bubbles 1/2" perforated every 12". Protect fragile items from damage while moving.


Large Bubble Roll 65'x12"

As other bubble rolls the large bubble roll 65'x12" is a light, flexible and secure tool in packing all sorts of electronics, small appliances, mirrors and other items that are in risk of damage during the move.  Because the large bubble roll  has larger bubbles than the other varieties, you’ll need less bubble as they cover more space.  The ability to form to the shape of the object that is being packed is one of the most important advantages of any type of the bubble rolls and it is fair to mention that the larger air chambers or air bubbles does not take away from the flexibility of the large bubble rolls.

Bulk Bubble Wrap

Moving companies may order bulk bubble wrap at discount prices.  We can ship a pallet or truckload all at cheap prices.  Whether your business is located in NYC or LA we have you covered.  When you call one of our moving specialists identify your company and mention you would like bulk bubble wrap prices.  We ship very quickly and have LTL solutions readily available.  Buying bulk bubble wrap not only saves you money but protects your clients fragile items from getting broke.  There is nothing worse than insurance claims when the correct product is not used.  


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