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Shipping Boxes Wholesale

Shipping Boxes
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Shipping Boxes Wholesale

Why Buy Wholesale Shipping Boxes?

Most businesses try to control the shipping costs by ordering their Shipping Boxes and Packaging Supplies at wholesale quantities and prices. While this seems like a logical strategy there are concerns such as warehouse space required to store a large number of supplies, the part of the capital tht is sitting on shelves, and most of all if there is a real bargain in purchasing the Bulk Shipping Boxes. The StarBoxes Shipping Boxes are offered at wholesale prices offering great savings with quantities that are sufficient for businesses’ periodical orders. The minimum quantity for the Shipping Boxes and Shipping Supplies id designed to keep the business afloat without being too large to idle your capital or require excessive storage to warehouse the shipping supplies.

Quality Shipping Boxes

The competitively priced Packing Supplies offered by StarBoxes do not mean lower quality, our Shipping Boxes are manufactured from corrugated cardboard making them sturdier than regular boxes by offering the rigidness necessary to withstand the risk of damages associated with shipping and storage. The Quality Shipping Boxes not only save money but keep your customers loyal by reducing the return merchandise due to damaged packages. We at StarBoxes understand the importance of the investment made in purchasing our Shipping Boxes and our goal is to offer the most cost-effective Packaging Supplies without sacrificing the quality. StarBoxes has been the one-stop-shop for many businesses for quality Shipping Supplies at wholesale prices for many years. The same-day shipping speeds up the delivery of all your orders for Corrugated Boxes, Heavy-Duty Boxes, Multi-Depth Boxes, Boxes by Size, and many more Shipping Boxes and Packing Supplies. All Corrugated Shipping Boxes are shipped flat to make the best use of the shelf space in the warehouse and help with a more organized inventory procedure. Putting the Shipping Boxes together requires minimal time-saving labor hours when packing. Use of one of the StarBoxes Packing Tapes such as our Carton Sealing Tape is highly recommended for the safe packaging of your products. After all, weak and low-quality Packing Tape will result in the boxes bursting open and damaging the contents regardless of how rigid our Corrugated Shipping Boxes are. To safely secure the Corrugated Shipping Cartons, use one layer of Carton Sealing Tape to secure the seams together on the bottom of the box followed by two additional layers taped to each side of the first layer. For heavier boxes use the H tape method and seal down the side seams. Now, the Shipping Box is ready for packing and make sure to use the cushioning agents to secure the contents, and fill the void area to avoid the shifting of the contents during transit. For smaller objects use of Packing Peanuts, Bubble Cushioning Rolls or Packing Papers work great while Air Pillows are more economical and work better with larger contents.  

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