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The Top 10 Best Ideas of How to Pack and Move with Babies or Toddlers 

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The Top 10 Best Ideas of How to Pack and Move with Babies or Toddlers 

Are you moving with babies, kids or toddlers and are looking for some packing tips to make the process go smoothly? Moving and packing up your moving boxes with babies and/or young children is very difficult. The reason is that kids like a routine and disassembling your entire home breaks all routines. After all when a family starts to pack up a home to move, everything gets altered; schedules, environment and nap times. This results in tired and cranky kids and parents. The good news is, there are tips and tricks you can put in place to make moving easier with kids. 

Top 10 Tips to Make Packing Boxes and Moving Easy with Kids 

#1: Get a Babysitter While You Are Packing, Not Just On The Move Date Many people plan on getting a babysitter once they move, which is definitely helpful. However don’t forget about the planning stage all done weeks before your move. Give yourself some uninterrupted time and hire a babysitter so you can have a moving planning time.

#2: When Moving With Kids, Start Packing Your Moving Boxes Months in Advance.  If you are a parent you know that EVERYTHING takes longer when there are little ones in the home.  If it took you two weeks to pack without children, it might take you two months with children. Give yourself time. This will decrease your stress and make it easier. #3: Donate or Give Away Any Toys that Your Child Does Not Actively Use Children accumulate so many belongings. There is never a time when this is more evident than moving day. Most people find toys for a 2 year old in their garage, when their child is 6. Take large boxes and put any toy that is no longer used into a “donation box.”  It will make it easier to organize your kids rooms if you decrease the number of toys that are moved. #4: Keep a Consistent Schedule in the Weeks Leading Up to Your Move Kids love routine and schedules. If their nap time is between 2-4, do everything you can to keep this routine. Eat dinner at the same time and wake up accordingly. In the weeks leading up to a move, it is so easy to let all the normal day to day life functions go. #5: Pack Only One Room at a Time Completely To Eliminate Chaos in the Home To make it easier on your children and you, pack one room at a time. Completely finish packing these rooms before you move on to another room. Start with the rooms that are not used as often. Perhaps a formal dining room, or a guest room. Push the  moving boxes out of the way (make sure you label what is inside and what room they should be placed in) and move on to the next room. #6: Talk to Your Babies or Toddlers and Assure Them That the Whole Family Is Just Moving To  A New Home Change can be scary for anyone, including a little toddler. When moving with kids, the more you talk to your toddler and explain what is happening, the better. Tell him or her that mommy, daddy, Suzie and Jonny are moving to a new house together. We will still all be together, but just have new rooms to play in and a new yard. Make it sound like fun. #7: Let Your Kids Get Involved in Helping If They Are Old Enough If your kids feel that the move is taking you away from them, they may not be as cooperative. Try to play games that keep them busy and interested like coloring on each one of the boxes once they have been shut and sealed. The artwork that they make on the boxes will make you smile and keep them busy. #8: Find Some Good Stories That Talk About Moving and Packing Use your moving experience as a way to teach and share what moving means and what it is. Your kids love to learn and will be interested in what all the commotion is about. #9: If you have some favorite puppets, use them to talk about moving and what is occurring in the home. Let your kids play inside of the moving boxes. This can keep them entertained for hours. If Elmo the puppet is filled with fun and adventure about the move, your kids will respond with glee playing inside of all the boxes for moving. #10: Don’t forget to take some time for yourself and to “turn off” moving activities at the end of every day.  You can only get so much done each day and don’t forget to enjoy your family even during this stressful time.  If you need moving boxes or moving supplies, contact today. We are here to help you.
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