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How to Protect a Mattress While Moving

Protect your mattress while moving
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How to Protect a Mattress While Moving

There always comes a point in time when you find yourself having to move. Whether it's moving back home from college, your very first apartment, or your new forever family home. Moving tends to bring stress levels to an all-time high and just the thought of having to find and gather large boxes to fit all your belongings that you want becomes even more troubling. Essential items such as mattresses, lamps, and refrigerators are hard to pack without the fear of damaging them in the process. These items need just a bit more TLC compared to some of the other things you plan on bringing in your new life venture.


Great question. Mattresses such as memory foam, latex, gel, air beds, and innerspring can be severely impaired during transit. This is something that you want to avoid, your sleep and back depend on it! Make moving these items less of a hassle with mattress covers. These thick polyethylene moving supply bags assist in preventing mold buildup, dust, stains, water damage, bugs, dirt, and light exposure. It's designed to accommodate all sizes from twin, full, queen, and king mattresses, but don't forget to measure your mattresses to ensure you get the right size. Some mattress bags even come in Queen/King size and although a king would fit snuggly be sure to place your queen horizontally from the opening of the bag.


  1.  Remove all linen and pillows from the mattress to inspect prior damage or infestations before covering it.
  2.  Have a friend or moving company assist you in dissembling the bed and standing the heavy mattress vertically against a bare wall.
  3.  Make sure your mattress is completely dry to avoid fungus and other harmful bacteria from forming while covered.
  4.  Once doing so, pull the plastic protector over the top of the mattress and work your way down. Stand your mattress upright to gently pull the plastic down over the mattress.
  5. Continue to push the mattress as far back of the bag as possible.
  6. Fold any excess material and use packing tape to secure the ends.

BUT DON'T STOP THERE... Once you've secured your mattress in a mattress bag take the next best step and place it in the mattress boxes. This is good for storing and for long pass-throughs. Often people get the wrong size mattress bags or they don't take the best precautions to ensure that the cover stays on.  Fret no more, this is where all you worrywarts can let out one big " WOOSAH!" This heavy-duty 44ECT box keeps water, dirt, scratches, and scuffs away. It's indispensable that you pick the appropriate mattress box when moving to maintain its lifespan, your investment, and overall happiness.

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