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How to Choose Moving Boxes

How to Choose Moving Box Sizes
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How to Choose Moving Boxes

Today’s moving industry has come a long way by creating a diverse selection of moving boxes to pack household items of different shapes and sizes. With the growing number of our appliances and gadgets, finding the right moving boxes is of utmost importance in preserving your belongings during the move. Choosing the moving boxes has become easier ever since the introduction of the Moving Box Kits by uBoxes.  The kits include sufficient moving boxes and packing supplies for the number of rooms to pack, taking the guessing game out of your packing.  The Moving Box Kits are priced much less than buying the items separately to save money as well.  Besides the Moving Box Kits, you will need Specialty Moving Boxes to pack the contents of other rooms. The following is a brief guide on choosing the moving boxes based on the contents of your household:

  • Moving Box Kits – The large selection of moving kits is designed to pack from college dorm rooms or studios to 10+ rooms. Each kit is also divided into four sub-categories varying in the size of the Moving Boxes and selections of the packing supplies.
  • Specialty Boxes – Specialty Boxes are designed and manufactured to securely pack specific household items:
    • Wardrobe Boxes – Wardrobe Boxes are like portable closets moving the wardrobe from one closet to another while protecting them from dirt, soil, and wrinkling.
    • Flat Screen TV Boxes – The Flat Screen TV Boxes will pack Plasma, LCD, and LED TV monitors of up to 70”. Please note, that wrapping the TV monitors in layers of Bubble Rolls is strongly recommended.
    • Kitchen Boxes – There are 4 pre-assembled Kitchen Moving Kits to securely pack the contents of your kitchen. There is even a kit dedicated to packing the frig. A Refrigerator Moving Kit, equipped with Freezer Gel Packs and Insulated Storage Totes for your food.
    • Mattress Boxes – The Mattress Boxes are cleverly designed to fit any size mattress up to 80” x 11” x 79” and if order the Mattress Box Kit you will also receive Packing Tape and Mattress Cover.
    • Lamp Boxes – The set of five 12” X 12” X 48” Lamp Boxes will pack the base of lamps only. Measure lamp shades for box bundles.
    • Office and File Boxes – Choose from Quick Stack File Boxes or Miracle File Boxes to pack and move your office with these heavy-duty Office and File Boxes.
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