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A Beginner’s Guide to C Flute Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Corrugated Flute C Boxes
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A Beginner’s Guide to C Flute Corrugated Shipping Boxes

A Beginner’s Guide to C Flute Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Do you have a business startup and you need to pack and ship your products? Packing and shipping your goods is never a problem with the help of shipping boxes. Regardless of the products you need to pack and needs, there is an ideal shipping box for you. Do not compromise the safety and quality of your products; use the right shipping boxes. However, before buying a particular shipping box, it is a good idea to be familiar with different corrugated shipping boxes, especially the C flute.

What Corrugated Box Flutes Are

An arch characterized by a proper curve is considered to be the strongest when it comes to spanning a given space. At first, the corrugated boxes were manufactured use arch with prominent bridge designs, where the semicircular structure is responsible for compression in the complete form while diving the weight into the two abutments. Then, the S-shaped arches or the corrugated box fluting is then kept to the linerboard.

What Is Corrugated Box Fluting

The corrugated box fluting pertains to the reinforcement, which makes up the board running parallel to the container’s depth. As a result, the boxes get sufficient crushing strength and rigidity. Besides, they have stacking strength and offer insulation feature in protecting the goods from any changes in temperature.
Different Corrugated Box Fluting Sizes
When it comes to corrugated box fluting, you will encounter varying sizes with individual applications. Take a look at the comparison table below:  
Corrugated Box Fluting Size Use Flute Thickness
A Flute Double-wall application 4.8 mm
B Flute Food or canned goods packaging 3.2 mm
C Flute Shipping cartons, corrugated box displays 4 mm
E Flute Retail packaging 1.6 mm
F Flute Retail packaging, POP displays 0.8 mm
C Flute Corrugated Boxes for Shipping Needs
Today, the C flute corrugated boxes are widely used to ship products even in long distances. The fluting of these corrugated boxes is much thicker when compared to the B flute. Being the most commonly used flute size, the C flute it has 41 flutes/foot. It provides reliable printing, cushioning, and stacking properties. It is usually used for packing and shipping food items and machine parts. Furthermore, the C flute corrugated boxes have tall flutes which provide more rigidity, excellent printing surface, and better cushioning. When being stored or shipped, these boxes consume less vertical spaces. Master shipper, shipping cartons, as well as corrugated box displays are some of the conventional packaging and shipping purposes of these boxes. Can you imagine shipping your products without these boxes? Keep in mind that you must maintain the quality and safety of your products during the shipping process. And, you can make it possible if you have high quality shipping boxes. If you are interested in purchasing C flute corrugated boxes for your next shipping of products, the StarBoxes have the best selections for you.
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