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Small Bubble Roll - 175' x 24" Wide

Small Bubble 175' x 24" wrap with small-size bubbles 3/16" perforated every 12". Double the width. Protect fragile items from damage while moving.


Small Bubble Roll 24" x 175'

Small Bubble roll 24" x 175' is perforated every 12".  Will protect fragile knick knacks, glass, and art objects from breakage, knicks or scratches.  Bubble wrap is a shock absorber and keeps items from vibrating against each other.

The Proper Use Of Bubble Wrap

Many customers ask if the bubble should be facing inside or out.  The proper way to use bubble wrap would be to put the air cushion facing outward from the box. The bubbles roll cushioning needs to face toward the box and not facing the item you are packing or shipping.

How To Protect Items With Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Packing is among the list of best packing solutions ever discovered for moving.  It pads fragile items beautifully, folds easily around the object with it's flexibility and can be secured with packing tape.  Be sure to tape up both ends and the edges so your item does not fall out of the bubble wrap.  Another method would be to fold ends over the object then roll tightly so the ends are more secure.  If your item is odd shaped you may fill in areas with packing paper so the fragile item is supported in indented areas.

Kraft Bubble Mailers

Books, Dvds, and so forth. can be placed in Kraft Bubble Mailers.  They have a self seal and are padded to protect your CD's.  Buy bubble mailers in bulk and save on shipping costs as these envelopes are light, protective and less expensive charges when shipping through USPS.  Keep in mind you can mail books at cheap media rates.

Label The Boxes

Always label the boxes with contents using a black marker and then place a color room label.  When wrapping several layers of Bubble wrap around your items it will be hard to see what is wrapped.  Use a marker and write on a paper placed under sealing tape what is wrapped up.  Or you can use masing tape to label objects in a box.

Packing Paper Between Bubble Wrap

When packing boxes be sure to wad up packing paper between the bubble wrap.  Place heavier items on the bottom and lighter objects on the top.  In between be sure to use enough packing paper so the items do not touch each other.  You may also want to use packing peanuts if you are packing extremely fragile items.  Shake the box a little after it is packed to ensure items do not move around.  It is very important to use fragile labels and stickers to identify boxes that need special handling and placement in the rental truck, cargo van or POD storage container.

More Information
UPC 741360976801
Weight 3.1000
Brand uBoxes
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Size Small Bubble
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes 19 x 19 x 24