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Wardrobe Moving Boxes Kit #4

43 Boxes, 2 Wardrobes $111 in Supplies, & 137 cu.ft. space

A $239 Value Sold Separately!

15 Medium moving boxes 18 x 14 x 12"
8 Small moving boxes 16 x 10 x 10" 
8 Large moving boxes 20 x 20 x 15"
10 X-Large Moving boxes 23 x 23 x 16"
2 Wardrobe Boxes 24 x 24 x 40"
220 yards of packing tape
1 Heavy Duty Tape Dispensers
48' of Bubble Wrap
3 lbs of Wrapping paper
2 Markers

After Instant Rebate Special Price $211.14 Regular Price $248.40

Corrugated Wardrobe Boxes

Our 4 bedroom corrugated wardrobe boxes kit contains a combination of medium, large, x-large boxes and the wardrobe boxes with bars.  Easy to pack the closets and plenty of other sized boxes to pack the rest of the house.  Packing supplies include materials to wrap fragile items and fill the voids in boxes.

Where to Get Wardrobe Moving Boxes?

Where to get wardrobe moving boxes? Start your search on the internet first.  You could go to google shopping for wardrobe boxes or Moving Box Kits price comparison shopping.  Some companies will offer coupons or shop websites like Not Just Boxes for weekly sales discounts.  They have good prices, selection and quality products to start your packing and prepare for your move.  Not only are the boxes direct but there are no extra shipping costs.
Kitchen Moving Boxes

Kitchen moving boxes should always made stronger than the ordinary corrugated boxes.  Our kitchen boxes are made of the double wall corrugated cardboard boxes that are by far more heavy duty than the 44ECT (Edge Crush Test).  Packing the kitchen is far more difficult compared to the packing of a couch or the lamp stand you might have in the lounge.  There is no other room like your kitchen that stores as many fragile objects. The kitchen box kits and glass and dish pack kits are specially designed for a safe packing and moving of these breakable items.  Glass savor or glass partition separates the stemware and easily fits in our double wall corrugated kitchen boxes.  The dish packs also separated the dishes and reduce the risk of chipping or breakage.  After you filled up the kitchen boxes make certain that all boxes are safely sealed on underneath with quality packing tapes prior to moving them.  

More Information
UPC 741360976337
Weight 94.0000
Brand uBoxes
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size 4 Room Moving Kit
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size N/A