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Textile Blankets / Skins (6 Pack)

Textile Moving Blankets - Qty: 6
Size: 54" x 72" - Color: Grey - Material: Made in North America "Excellent quality"
Weight: 1.66 lbs
Tensile Strength: 60lbs
Thickness: 3 mm
Use to protect items during packing and moving, also used for industrial applications. Great blanket for the do-it-yourself or professional movers or storage unit operators.


Packing Blankets

Half dozen packing blankets made from textile felt sized at 54x72 also known as skins or textile moving blankets are used for storage units or to wrap furniture during moves to prevent scratches or dirt from getting on furniture.  After the move these blankets for moving could also be used for other household projects and in the garage to cover objects from getting dust or debris.   These felt blankets always come in handy, store one in the trunk of your car for emergencies.  The use of the lightweight Skins moving blankets and furniture pads have been an essential tool by professional movers and also a requirement by some insurance companies.  The popularity of the moving pads have also grown with DIY movers who have come to realize the value of blankets for moving and storage.

Felt Pads

The textile blankets are also called felt pads or felt blankets due to their felt like soft exterior that provides significantly better durability and protection than cheap paper moving pads.  Unlike the paper furniture pads the felt blankets tend to be more resistant to rip or tear during transit.  Textile blankets, skins could be used more than once, which could make them cheaper than paper pads. This is certainly important for any moving company, shipping and delivery firms, as well as for distribution companies like home furniture and consumer electronics suppliers.  The felt blankets can double as a great protective tool for long term storage of bigger items, like household furniture.

More Information
SKU A0022VP06
UPC 741360976962
Weight 12.3000
Brand uBoxes
Color Grey
Size Medium Blanket
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Package size 19 x 14.5 x 4.5