5 Tall Lamp Moving Boxes

5 Tall Lamp Boxes 12" x 12" x 48"

Boxes for packing your lamps up to 12" x 12" x 48"

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Packing Lamp Boxes

Your hardship in packing a tall light fixture can be getting lamp moving boxes adequate enough to pack a lamp. NotJustboxes carries both size lamp boxes to fit all your lamp needs both short and tall. Our lamp boxes come in two parts one for the lamp base and the other for lamp shades.  

In order to pack remove the light bulb and lamp shade.  You may also disassemble the lamp shade holder and wrap the cord around the box.  When removing the brass fixture that holds the lamp shade generally you can squeeze the part together and it will lift out of the holder.  Now your lamp is shorter and will fit in the box easier with the part packed next to the lamp.

Line the base of your lamp moving box with plenty of crumbled-up packing paper. This packing process  will make sure additional padding and safeguards are taken for the protection of moving or shipping your lamp.

Lay bubble wrap out on a flat table surface and wrap around your lamp base.  Next pack the bottom of your box with packing paper.  Sit the lamp in the box and start crumbling up newsprint to pack around your lamp to fill the voids.  Be sure to pack paper tighly so the lamp may not move around in the box or let the box dent if something is set on top of it.

If you have two thin lamp bases you may pack them securely and fit both inside the box with a good amount of packing paper between the bases.  The lamp bases may also be alternated to fit better in the box.  Once this process is completed label the box with Fragile box stickers and write LAMPS with a black marker.  You may use another label on the box for room destination.

Lamp Shade Box

Lamp shades should be stacked to enable you to get several in the lamp box. Use newsprint to line the boxes with soft cusioning.  Be sure to pack newspring all around the lamp shades.  You may use flat newsprint between each shade to protect the ridges in the shades.  Very important to label each box with fragile and with a marker put the words LAMP SHADES in bold letters to make sure the moving labor can identify the boxes as fragile and should not be placed on the bottom of a stack of boxes.

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