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“More for less”, is what you should expect if you try our Economy-Machine Grade Stretch Wrap. In comparison to our machine stretch wrap and blown machine film, this economy grade is easier and very lightweight making it simple to load on pallet wrap machines. With its stretch percentage ranging between 250 to 300%, you’ll experience gains in pallet wrapping, efficiency, and reduced film usage!

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SKU SIZE (W x L) Stretch Type GA. (ROLLS/ CASE) Price Volume Pricing Add to Cart
5 10 16
STRSMF2055A 20" x 8000' Down Gauge Machine Wrap 55G 1 $98.92 $94.96 $92.98 $88.04
STRSMF2063A 20" x 5000' Down Gauge Machine Wrap 63G 1 $74.25 $71.28 $69.80 $66.08
STRSMF3050A 30" x 9000' Down Gauge Machine Wrap 50G 1 $150.16 $144.15 $141.15 $132.89