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Poly Mailer Bags 12" x 15.5" #4 - Pack of 50

Poly Bags 12" x 15.5" #4 quantity of 50 may each be overstuffed with personal items for shipping


Home Office Poly Bags 12" x 15.5" #4 - Pack of 50 

Home offices and small businesses can often be overwhelmed with excessive supplies for mailing and other office activities. If your space is limited, it’s important to choose mailing materials that will accommodate your needs without eating up all of your storage area. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the use of larger mailers that can be tailored to the sizes of various items that will be sent. Poly bags 12.5” x 15” are somewhat large, perfect for accommodating large sets of materials easily while also being of a size that can be folded and simplified for smaller mailings. If you don’t do a lot of oversized mailing, this selection is available in packs of 50, perfect for accommodating your needs over a long period of time. If you don’t do much mailing in general but need something larger on occasion, this selection will serve your needs.

Poly bags work well for those who will be mailing products that don’t need padding as a protection. Office supplies, scholastic materials and crafting accessories are often well-suited to poly bag mailers. Products already packaged in boxes are also easy to slip into a poly mailer. In general, the use of poly bags 12.5” x 15” will allow you to appropriately label and send materials in the context of personal or business activities. Office organization can be a challenge, especially if your space is limited, but simplifying your space through careful choices in products kept on hand can be helpful. Selecting a package of 50 12.5" x 15" mailers allows you to have plenty of poly bags available for occasional use, saving space while saving you money. 


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SKU PMB412150050
UPC 741360978522
Brand StarBoxes
Color White
Material Poly
.Tamper resistant.
.Water resistant.
.Tight bonding adhesive make the self-sealing closure secure and reliable for added peace of mind.
.Lightweight and saves on shipping costs.
Weight 1.5000
Country of Manufacture
Single Boxes 12 x 15 x 1