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Set of 8 Picture Boxes - 6 30" x 40" and 2 40" x 60"

Set of 8 Picture / Mirror Boxes

Set of 8 picture boxes -- 6 boxes size 30" x 40" and 2 boxes size 40" x 60", ideal for packing pictures, photographs, and frames.

After Instant Rebate Special Price $95.99 Regular Price $112.93

The Best Way To Wrap up Moving Boxes For Pictures

To wrap up moving boxes for pictures use a picture pouch to insert the artwork or mirror in the box.  Next lay the picture frame flat on top of bubble wrap and cover the picture on all sides.  Use packing tape to bring the sides together and secure.  Make sure the packing material is secure to the picture frame before taping.  

Although the picture frame is going to be placed into a moving box for pictures, you should mark the box which way is up and place a fragile sticker on the box.  This helps the moving labor crew know which items need special attention when packing your rental truck or storage container.  You may also want to put a name for the painting and room label so when unloading the movers will know which room to place the picture box.

Next, begin assembling your picture boxes. Usually, a picture box arrives flat and when opened up you would lay the picture in the box and wrap the pieces around the picture frame so that it can adjust to different size pictures.  

Before placing the picture in the box pack the corners with packing paper so the frame will not shift in the box.  The paper and bubble wrap should secure the picture so that it cannot move in the box.

Next, slide the picture frame into one end and push it against newsprint tightly.If it does not feel firm put some more newsprint in the box.  Do the same around the sides of the picture frame box.  Gently move the box and make sure the picture frame feels secure in the box.  Lastly pull the top up over the frame and secure firmly.  Use carton sealing tape to seal all the edges of the box to prevent the picture frame from moving. 

Don't forget to place fragile and room labels on your boxes so that the movers know which room to place the boxes in your new home.

More Information
UPC 741360976696
Weight 25.0000
Brand uBoxes
Set of 6 two piece adjustable picture or mirror boxes up to 30" X 40" X 4" depth
Set of 2 four piece art or mirror boxes extending up to 40" X 60" 4" depth
Consider wrapping mirrors with bubble cushioning before placing in mirror boxes
Mark or label all artwork boxes as 'FRAGILE" or "HANDLE WITH CARE"
See picture pouches to wrap artwork before placing in the artwork boxes
Color Brown
Material Corrugated
Size Mixed Sizes Picture Boxes
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 35 x 26 x 5