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Performance Blankets 54lbs/doz (2 Pack)

Moving Blanket72" x 80" Professional Quality: Fabric & QuiltedProtect your furniture and other items. Polyester/WP non-woven fabric with resilient fiber batting filler. Zig Zag quilted with double stitched binding.


Cheap Moving Blankets

Without our cheap moving blankets your valuables can be easily scratched or dented in the back of a moving truck. Moving blankets prevent damage by wrapping your valuables with a thick protective covering. Blankets also make great moving pads as well and can help protect larger objects from scuffs, scrapes, dents and abrasions. Moving blankets are typically made of strong, woven synthetic fabric or with non-woven fabrics and filled with cotton batting.

 Moving Supplies List

When making your moving supplies list consider ordering the moving equipment and packaging supplies that not only will make your move easier but will save you time and money by reducing the risks of damage to your valuables.  The use of moving boxes without correct packing supplies is not going to deliver the positive results one might expect.  Wrapping the electronics like the stereo or flat screen TV monitors in bubble rolls wrap, bubble pack is a must as these items need the maximum protection possible.  Use of heavy duty packing tapes or carton sealing tapes also help moving boxes from bursting open right in the middle of your move.

More Information
SKU A0045EP02
UPC 741360977044
Weight 9.4000
Brand uBoxes
Color Black
Material Polyester and Mixed Materials
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 16 x 9 x 12.5