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Room Labeling Tape - 1 Bedroom

SmartMove® Labeling Tape for One RoomOrganize your boxes by room with labeling tape. Includes 2" x 30 yards/roll with labels:Bedroom (1)Living Room (1)Kitchen (1)Bathroom (1)


Labels for Moving Boxes

We created our labels for moving boxes after many of our customers asked for packing supplies that could assist them in color coding and marking of their corrugated boxes.  For the box labeling we developed the room labels for boxes but did not stop there.  We took the box labeling system a few steps forward by designing garage sale labels and fragile labels.  The stickers you can actually use even prior to packing by getting rid of as many items as you can by organizing a garage sale.  You will get some money for the items that were going to cost you to move them.

Advantages of Box Labeling

There are many advantages to box labeling.  A new house will probably be considerably different from your previous residence.  Perhaps it features a more number of rooms or comes with a home office that you didn’t have previously. All these could make coordinating where to put the corrugated boxes from the old to correct rooms in the new house more challenging. To address this issues and make things go much more efficiently when relocating, tag every one of your doors using the related box labeling which will end up in there.

More Information
UPC 741360977167
Weight 0.7500
Brand uBoxes
Color Multicolor
Material Acrylic Adhesive
Size Short Room Tape Rolls
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes 8 x 4 x 4