10 Pounds of Packing Paper

10lbs of Wrapping Paper approximately 200 Sheets and 24" wide x 36" long. Wrap up all your dishes and fragile items in clean thin paper. This will help protect all your items and will keep them clean. You cannot have enough of this!


Packing Papers 10lbs

Packing papers are the easiest tool for protecting glasssware, dishes and other fragile items during the move.  No matter how stong the moving boxes are,  the breakage is unavoidable if propers packaging not followed and use of packing papers, bubble wraps and foams are the best techniques in reducing the damges done due to friction and shifts during the move.

Use packing paper to wrap your collectibles, Kitchen items, or glass objects.  The paper will keep the items from vibrating and chipping during your move.  Use newsprint packing paper to fill voids in moving boxes to keep items from moving around.  Also known as newsprint.

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Package size 25 x 4 x 4.38