12 Large Moving Boxes

Bundle of 12: 20 x 20 x 15" Large Moving Boxes 

Large boxes for moving items like kitchen supplies, pillows, clothing, toys, lampshades, and other light objects. Shipped with a protective Master Box.

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Large Moving Boxes: Sizes and styles

Large moving boxes are available in just about every size and shape, the answer to finding some quality large boxes is in a moving kit that has a variety of useful packaging cardboard boxes and packing materials that you'll want for a move. Whatever you do don't buy a one size fits all moving kit. The one size fits all moving kit may be cheap because of the volume selling one kit but will cost you more in the long run.  You may need more boxes or packing supplies for moving. It's essential that some genuine analysis went into designing the kit with large moving boxes and other sizes so they have the right packing boxes and supplies.
We have greater than 40 unique moving box kits to pick from. To help make it more convenient for you to find out which one fits your needs we've categorized them by rooms from dorm room size to ten rooms. Furthermore, each and every moving kit has four different box kits to select from including Frugal, Budget Ultimate and Wardrobe box kits.

Large Boxes Kits

The large boxes kits will have packing supplies and different sized boxes depending on rooms in each kit.  The larger sized boxes provide more cubic feet for packing.  Just be sure not to put too much weight in the large boxes kits so the moving labor helpers will not be able to lift the boxes.  Also you do not want your boxes breaking from improper packing.  As you will notice the bigger sized boxes in our Ultimate Box Kits are a real deal when you add up not only more cubic space but the packing materials as well.

Buy Large Boxes Online  

Not Just Boxes sells factory direct moving boxes, with ships today directly to your residence or business.  We have a large inventory of moving supplies readily available in our warehouses to ship to your location whether you are in Chicago, NYC, Miami or Los Angeles we can supply all your moving supplies at fantastic savings. 

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