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Medium Bubble - 100' x 24" Wide

Medium Bubble Wrap 100' x 24" WideBubble wrap with medium-size bubbles 5/16" perforated every 12". Double the width. Protect fragile items from damage while moving.


Bubble Wrap For Fragile Products

You are going to require bubble wrap for fragile products, for example wine glasses, antique mirrors and picture frames. Bubble rolls provides cushioning for the item you wrap up inside moving boxes preventing breakage when you pack in the rental moving truck. Once your items are protected by bubble wrap for fragile products you may place one item on top of the other such as family photographs and place neatly into corrugated boxes. Remember to always pack the holes with packing paper so there are no voids to shift and break your items. You would use bubble rolls and packing paper to pack your items to ship via UPS or USPS the same way you would for any move. Packing materials are very cheap versus breaking your goods due to improper packing.

Packing glasses, goblets and crystal stemware

Most people have utilized Sunday paper classified ads to wrap their crystal glasses and goblets. It would be more appropriate to use newsprint for heavier glassware such as coffee mugs. When it comes to packing fine china and crystal always pack with bubble wrap with the bubbles facing away from the glassware. We also sell bubble pouches for crystal stemware. Our bubble bags come in various sizes so you may measure your crystsal stemware for the best bag to fit your glassware. By facing bubbles away from the glass you will not get bubble marks on the glass while moving.

Fragile Labels

When packing glassware, stemware and china make sure you use fragile labels on the moving boxes. It is important to identify boxes that must be handled with care. To organize your boxes for moving fragile items it is best to set aside a place in your packing room to stack fragile boxes. These boxes with fragile labels should be mentioned to your mover so they may properly pack your belongings with care.

More Information
UPC 741360976856
Weight 2.5000
Brand uBoxes
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Size Medium Bubble Roll
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 19 x 19 x 24