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Medium Bubble - 100' x 12" Wide

Medium Bubble Wrap 100' x 12" WideBubble wrap with medium-size bubbles 5/16" perforated every 12". Protect fragile items from damage while moving.


Medium Bubble;Roll 100' x 12" perforated every 12"

Medium bubble roll helps protect larger less fragile heavier items.  Bubble roll helps protect against shock or vibration and secures products in cardboard boxes. Recycle bubble wrap may be used after the move to ship packages, storage, or you may donate to local charity thrift shops or mail and pack centers.

Medium Bubble Wrap

In case a box is dropped while moving you will need to pack boxes with the proper medium bubble wrap.  There are a few distinct variations as you have seen from the picture on our bubble wrap category page.  Small bubble wrap is 3/16, medium bubble rolls 5/16 and large bubble roll wrap are 1/2 bubbles. The elevation of every bubble dimension is where the height measurement is made and not the round surface area.  . This is an effective measure to work with in figuring out the best way to cover your product in bubble rolls.

 Bubble wrap comes in three primary widths including 48", 24" and 12" wide perforated sheets.  This enables you to wrap with one hand and tear at the perforated edges of the other hand while wrapping your fragile items.

 We inventory eco-friendly bubble, regular bubble and anti-static pink bubble wrap.   Anti-static pink bubble wrap is used for electronics due to its anti static nature.  For those who are environmentally conscious our green bubble wrap and packing peanuts are recycled for generations to come.

 Bubble wrap can come in a variety of different product packaging.  These types of shipping products include flat bubble wrap perforated every 12", packing pouches, and kraft bubble mailers.  Depending on the article  you are shipping or moving would determine the best source of packaging. 

Pink Anti-Static Bubble Wrap

Whether you are moving an office or a home from NY to LA or LA to NY one thing is for sure you would want to pack your electronics in pink anti-static bubble wrap.  I bet you are asking why anti-static bubble wrap?  

Electronics are very delicate in nature and may be damaged if not packed properly.  The outer layer of anti-static bubble wrap is treated to prevent electricity buildup.  Many electronic products are susceptible to what is known as electrostatic discharge. This discharge is a result of the accumulation of static electricity. When electronics move over long journeys the electro static builds up and can create a shortage in electronics.  ESD can trigger electronics to lose memory space, files and your money.

Many clients were not aware of the difference in bubble wrap and use this product improperly.  It is important to read our articles on bubble wrap or ask one of our moving specialists to assist you with your purchase.

More Information
UPC 741360976849
Weight 1.2500
Brand uBoxes
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Size Medium Bubble Roll
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 19 x 19 x 12