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Picture Pouches - 2 Pk 30" x 48"

Picture Pouch Covers.

Set of 2 30" x 48" straight pleated blue plastic pouches for pictures and frames.


Art Protection Bags

Picture bags are incredibly helpful things to have while moving or shipping your artwork.  When ordering your boxes it is important to look at all the odd shaped boxes you will need in your household.  Pictures cannot be packed in just any old box due to the shape and size of your pictures.  You will want to potect your painting and wall art with placing them in an art protection bag and then pack in our picture moving boxes.  When packed properly these art protection bags and picture boxes secure your precious artwork for moving, storage or shipping.  Pictures say a 1000 words and preserving them from damage during your move will keep your precious art work enjoyable for years to come.  Moving day is hectic and keeping items from breaking takes the right packaging materials.  

Photo Boxes

The family photos we frame and hang in our homes bring long lasting memories.  Frames and matting are expensive along with photos that cannot be replaced.  They could be wedding pictures, kindergarten photos, or graduation.  You may take your grouping of family photos and wrap each frame with bubble wrap and pack newsprint around the frames in a photo box.  Make sure you use enough packing paper so the photo frames will not move around in the photo boxes.  

If you have a large collection of family photos you will need to prepare several boxes to group and pack your photos.  You may want to group all the children's pictures in one box, family and friends in another photo box and vacation photos in another.  The walls in your new home may require for you to separate the photos according to wall spaces available in you new home.  

Whether you are wrapping wall art, famous paintings, or family pictures always use the proper packing materials.  After all the picture packing boxes are much cheaper than having your paintings, photos or frames destroyed by improper wrapping of the items.  Although several photos may very well be of sentimental importance, We also buy artwork to express ourselves and a conversation piece when friends and family visit our homes.  Whether the piece of art beautifying your family room was painted by an unknown artist or is a masterpiece it adds some design flair to your interior walls.  

Lastly remember to label all delicate items with fragile stickers and color coded room labels so that it makes your move go that much quicker to get settled into your new home.

More Information
UPC 741360976702
Weight 0.8100
Brand uBoxes
Plastic protective sleeves for Artwork
Set of 2 Fits 30" x 48" picture frames or canvas Artwork
Keeps dust and dirt off the artwork while moving or storage
Great for Artists delivering their paintings
Use art sleeve protectors with our picture boxes for moving
Color Blue
Material Polypropylene
Size Medium Picture Covers
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size N/A