Kraft Bubble Mailer 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 2000

Bubble Envelopes are excellent mailing tool at a wholesale price 5" x 10" #00 - Pack of 2000

Use Bubble Envelopes 5" x 10" #00 For Shipping Promotional Products

Your dealing in a variety of promotional products means being ready for a variety of order sizes. Some orders will require large mailers and some will require moderately sized mailers. The use of 5” x 10” bubble envelopes is excellent for many of today’s most popular promotional items. If your business does a significant amount of business in selling these promotional goods, then you will want to save money by ordering your shipping supplies in bulk, and padded bubble mailers are excellent for a huge range of shipping needs. 

Promotional wristbands are especially popular. Your customers may order specialized wristbands for company picnics. They may order customized bracelets for school activities. Promotional rubber wristbands are excellent for fundraising, allowing students or clubs to easily raise money for their activities. A set of custom wristbands is easily packaged in a 5” x 10” mailer, and bubble padding assures that these bracelets will arrive without being damaged. 

Your products cater to a wide range of customer demographics. Your products are equally useful for businesses, public service organizations and private clubs. Regardless of the nature of the company or individual ordering, your customers bring their return business to your company when they are assured of a quality product and exceptional shipping. Using the right materials to get your wristbands to their destination assures that your customers are satisfied and that your job is done well. Bubble envelopes 5” x 10” are useful for organizing and managing inventory and for effectively assuring efficient delivery. Quality shipping materials also assure that you will experience minimal losses through inadvertent damage during postal handling. Bubble pouches provide some of the best assurance of product protection during shipping.
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SKU KBM000512000
Color: Yellow/Brown helps conceal visibility of contents inside the mailer
Light Weight help keeps shipping cost low. Smooth Sides. Seamless bottom. Bubble lining.
Approved by UPS, FedEx, and Postal Services for Shipment
Great for shipping fragile and non-fragile items
Self-tear Adhesive seal strip for easy closure.
UPC 766897400414
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