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Large Bubble Roll - 65' x 24" Wide

65' x 24" WIDE,

Perforated every 12"(Large-sized bubbles 1/2") This wrap has a Large-sized bubble with double the width. Protects items against vibration and shock.


Moving In After The Wedding

Moving in after the wedding is always a challenge after a blissful honeymoon. Summer wedding months are an indication that we now have all sorts of changes in our everyday living. Right after the wedding most recently married couples find themselves moving. Most couples have two different residences and soon will blend into one. It can mean an in right after the wedding either across town move or a cross county relocation. As family members or friends we soon find ourselves helping the bride and groom move their belongings into one residence. Moving is very stressful and the first thing we do not want is to start the honeymoon couple off on a bad start. Bubble wrap is always a stress reliever and keeping some on hand can be fun in stressful situations.

Make Moving Day Fun!

Make moving day fun by inviting family and friends to join the newly married couple in packing their household goods to ready themselves for married life. Make sure the bride and groom have plenty of bubble wrap, boxes, newsprint, and packing materials. You may want to coordinate your packing station with a box assembler, bubble wrap person, packing paper station to fill voids and lastly a person to seal boxes with carton sealing tape and label the boxes with stickers. The labels can include room destination labels, fragile labels, and storage labels. Make moving day fun by having drawings for prizes for little ones helping out on moving day.

Start the Garage Sale!

 Blending the two households together can be challenging.  One might like antiques and the other modern decor.  When moving in together it is time to decide what to give to charity and proceed to start the garage sale. You can make the garage sale fun by letting the family in on the action. Organize a family and friends garage sale for the bride and groom. Each person can setup their own tables to make this a fun event to gather the family together one last time before the move. Don't forget to bring the garage sale labels to help each other out when the sale gets busy. By having color coordinated garage sale labels it makes it easy to identify prices. Bring recycled bubble wrap, boxes, and packing paper to wrap up delicate items for the new owner. The family members can decide to donate proceeds to their favorite charity or keep the money to perform a few honey do list maintenance themselves!

More Information
UPC 741360976894
Weight 2.0000
Brand uBoxes
Color Clear
Material Polyethylene
Size Large Bubble Roll
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes 19 x 19 x 24