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Foam Wrap 320' x 12" wide 1/16 Thick

  • Foam Wrap 320' x 12" wide 1/16 Thick- Cheap Packaging Foam
  • Foam wraps objective is to secure products in place while supplying protection against abrasions or sharp edges
  • Packing material to cushion and protect anything from glassware to small electronics or other sensitives goods.
  • When using foam sheets the additional layers of cushioning creates an excellent thermal insulation
  • Foam packing sheets are made light in weight and convenient to operate then stored away for later use

Foam Wrap 320' x 12" wide 1/16 Thick- Cheap Packaging Foam

More Information
SKU FOAM11622512
UPC 766897401701
Brand StarBoxes
Weight 2.0000
Country of Manufacture Mexico
Color White
Size 320-feet
Foam wrap that's perforated every 12 inches so its able be torn to form smaller pieces or a continuous long sheet of foam wrap for larger products
Foam that's easy to wrap products of any shaped as its highly flexible so your goods will be cushioned and shipped safely
Foam sheets that offer the benefits of cushioning to reduce impact, shock, and vibration for goods in transit
Protect all and any vastly fragile products for transport with foam wrap that is moisture-resistant, lint, and also dust free
Secure your corrugated boxes or packages confidently with our 1/16 thick packing foam sheets
Single Boxes 18 x 12 x 12
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