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Economy Kit #4

50 Boxes, Fewer Supplies, and 128 cu.ft. of space

10 Small moving boxes 16 x 10 x 10"
20 Medium moving boxes 18 x 14 x 12"
10 Large moving boxes 20 x 20 x 15"
10 X-Large moving boxes 23 x 23 x 16"
220 yards of tape
2 Markers

After Instant Rebate Special Price $169.14 Regular Price $199.02

Recycled Moving Boxes

Did you know almost all brand new boxes have recycled moving boxes products in them?  Today many retailers bundle up their recycled moving boxes and send it to a corrugated box manufacturer to recycle into brand new boxes.  These new boxes that you buy are strong and sturdy again to move more objects and keep our dumps free and clear of cardboard that could take years to disintegrate.  

Free Moving Boxes

Buying used boxes or grabbing free moving boxes form your local grocery store is nothing but asking for problems down the road.  Besides the risk of introducing scores of bugs to your new home the uninformed free or used moving boxes will take more space in the hand truck and moving van.  This could easily result in more time for moving and more cost when it comes to the movers' time.  The other crucial point is the strength of the corrugated boxes. For Wardrobe boxes we offer 44 ECT while the flat screen TV boxes and kitchen boxes are double walled.  You could not found this quality in the used or free moving boxes, which will most probably result in crushing of them and damaging you valuables.

More Information
UPC 741360976306
Weight 91.0000
Brand uBoxes
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size 4 Room Moving Kit
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size N/A