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Economy Blankets 43lbs/doz (4 Pack)

Qty: Set of 4
Size: 72" x 80"
Color: Blue/Blue
Blanket Weight: 3.58 LBS
Dozen Weight: 43 LBS

Less expensive regular economy moving blanket. Great for one-time movers.


Moving Pads 

Use of moving pads for protecting furniture and appliances have been a routine practice by the professional movers and now with low prices are readily available for use by public.  A mandatory use of Moving Blankets and Furniture Pads by moving companies have also become a requirement by many insurance companies because of the significant reduction in damages reported while using the moving pad,

Moving blankets usually produce better results when used in conjunction with  ratchet straps  and rubber bands rather than packing tapes.  Moving straps and mover bands often give a much better hold on large objects than box tape.  Additionally, tape can leave a sticky residue on your blanket or your furniture. Also, packaging tape cannot be reused, while straps can 

Mover Blankets

The movers blankets refers to the quilted moving blankets that many professional movers have been using the moving blankets during the past decades.  The prices of these movers pads were high and they were not cost effective for use by homeowners.  With expansion in manufacturing and importation of moving blankets the prices have fallen accordingly making them very affordable for everyone.  Although the cost of the moving blankets is higher than the felt pads textile blankets or furniture paper pads but their ability to last through multiple moves makes them still affordable in the long run

More Information
SKU A0035WP04
UPC 741360977013
Weight 14.7000
Brand uBoxes
Color Blue
Material Polyester / Cotton Batting
Size Standard Moving Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Package size 18 x 13 x 14.5