Deluxe Blankets 65lbs/doz (6 Pack)

Qty: Set of 6
Size: 72"" x 80"
Color: Blue/Light Blue Non Woven
Blanket Weight: 5.42 LBS
Dozen Weight: 65 LBS

Deluxe moving blanket. Great blanket for movers and multiple uses.


Felt Pads or Skins

As a middle grade textile furniture pads are also known as felt pads or skins.  As the name indicates these pads are made of a felt like textile that offer a very soft exteriors on both sides which makes them ideal in protecting the lacquer or paint finishes of any furniture or appliances.  The felt pads are very lightweight and would not add much to the weight of the cargo.  The light weight and moderate cost make these furniture pads ideal packing tool as shipping blankets especially when it comes to one way shipping of manufactured goods such as furniture.

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Package size 24 x 18 x 24
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