Deluxe Blankets 65lbs/doz (2 Pack)

Qty: Set of 2
Size: 72"" x 80"
Color: Blue/Light Blue Non Woven
Blanket Weight: 5.42 LBS
Dozen Weight: 65 LBS

Deluxe moving blanket. Great blanket for movers and multiple uses.


Warehouse Pads or Van Pads

Over the years moving blankets and furniture pads have been also known by warehouse pads or van pads by different manufacturers or distributors of moving pads.  No matter what name being used you should familiar yourself with three main categories of moving blankets.  First category is moving blankets that are woven quilted blankets and are differentiated by weight per dozen categories.  Second type is the textile moving blankets or felt pads that are also known as furniture pads or skins.  The final category is furniture paper pads that are considered the lightest and most affordable of them all.

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Package size 20 x 20 x 12
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