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Various Types of Industrial Tapes

Color coded tape
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Various Types of Industrial Tapes

Tapes for Everyday Use

Tapes have a wide range of uses. From doing projects in the home or office, for preparing shipping boxes, to industrial uses, tapes are essential to people’s lives. Since then, tape providers offer quality tapes to various industries for many different purposes. The open market receives these tapes that businesses or people want to buy for wholesale prices making it easy for consumers to use tapes.

Due to the increase in use, the tape providers test their products to make sure customers would buy them. Each country across the globe has the best tapes that customers need. The businesses or consumers can select from the tape categories depending on the application the tape must perform.

Also, consumers use tape products due to their affordability. You can have sufficient tapes at a low price. The category of tapes offers a specific function that makes its use more effective. Today, tapes continue to make a difference in the lives of consumers due to their excellent quality.

Different Types of Tapes and its Uses

Acrylic Adhesive Tapes

Acrylic tapes serve a wide range of industries due to their applications and purpose. It’s water-based and can handle high temperatures. It suits a high humidity environment that results in the tape's capability to provide a durable bond. Sometimes this tape is referred to as Carton Sealing Tape.

The quality and flexibility of this tape make it perfect for home and office use. StarBoxes adhesive tapes provide convenience as you use them at home or in the office for shipping and moving purposes. Using StarBoxes industrial tape gun makes it easier for an application.

Hot Melt Tapes

The hot melt tape offers a fast stick that most users need. The Tape Wholesale selection makes it affordable for users to use it anytime. The tape can withstand high temperatures. It relies on the cooling process to take effect. You can use them on any surface that requires an effective bond. The excellent resistance it has against water makes it a superb item. Hot melt tapes adhere stronger to shipping and moving boxes and may yellow if left in storage too long.

Masking Tape

Masking tapes provide clean removal from any surface. The excellent bonding is due to the adhesive material it has on the bottom side. Masking tape is sometimes called painters tape and will not peel off other areas while painting the intended surface. Masking tape is easy to peel-n-tear while working quickly to tape off working surfaces.

Duct Tape

One of the best tapes you can buy is duct tape. Its water-resistant quality would provide peace of mind for some applications. The tape doesn’t curl or twist when you apply it to any surface. Consumers can use it for bonding, repairing, and other applications.

Color-Coded Tape

Color-Coded Tapes are used in different industrial applications. Hospitals may use them on the floor to guide patients to different areas of the hospital. Movers may use them to color coordinate moving boxes while construction operators may use them for warning signs or signal green for ok to work. There are many different industries that need to color code different objects or areas.

Tape Dispensers

StarBoxes sells two different styles of tape dispensers. The clamshell is adequate to use in lower volume tape applications. If utilizing for heavy usage the industrial tape gun is more user-friendly and built to take on heavier tasks such as movers tape sealing boxes or online businesses shipping boxes.

Choosing and buying a tape at wholesale prices is easy at StarBoxes. The more you buy the more discount prices available at each volume pricing level. You can count on the quality of these tapes to assure success in your works. The Tape Wholesale pricing of each tape has a perfect size to give you comfort. You can buy these tapes and more from StarBoxes. Lastly, save money with StarBoxes reward points program for being a loyal customer!

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