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Tips For Packing Your Kitchen

Tips for Packing Your Kitchen
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Tips For Packing Your Kitchen

If you are planning on moving out, you are probably wondering how can you ensure the safety of your breakable items.   Before you start packing you need to consider packing fragile items properly that can break during your move.  Below you will learn a few tips on how to pack your dishes and choose the correct packaging supplies when you are packing your kitchen.

Packing Tips For Dishes and Plates

Choosing your packaging material

The first item that you should consider in your list is corrugated boxes.  uBoxes offer kitchen boxes that are double-walled to hold the weight of your items.  You will also need other supplies like bubble wrap, packing paper, a marker, and packaging tape.  uBoxes kitchen kits include foam pouches and dish packing partitions for you to keep your items separated and stop them from shifting around during the move.

How to pack your dishes and plates

Before you start packing your dishes you can tape the bottom of your boxes. Next, cushion the bottom of your boxes with packing paper or foam peanuts.  After you finished this step, you can start using your packaging material for wrapping your items.  First, place your packing paper or foam wrap on a flat surface.  Place your first dish on top of the packaging material and start covering your dish with the packaging material.  If you don’t want to complete this step you can use dish pouches or foam pouches to keep your dishware completely protected.

After you have finished wrapping all of your dishes and plates you can seal them with tape for better protection of your items.  Start packing your heavier plates on edge in the bottom of the box. To prevent damage to your plates do not pack them flat.  You can keep your dishes separated from each other by using dish packing partitions or foam wrap sheets.

Seal and secure your kitchen boxes

Once you have finished packing your dishes you can fill the gaps with packing paper or packing peanuts to stop your items from shifting around.  Close your boxes and secure them with strong sealing tape.  You can mark your boxes as fragile and label the boxes as your dining or kitchen room.  Now that you have completed these few steps,  your kitchen boxes are now ready to be loaded on the moving truck.

Kitchen Moving Kits

It is crucial to know how to pack your dishes and glasses properly. It is also very important for you to consider using the proper packaging material to prevent damage.  Keeping your kitchen items protected and secured can be stressful during your move.  uBoxes offers different types of kitchen moving kits that include all the packaging material that you required for packing your kitchen. Make your packing process simple and easy with our kitchen moving kits.

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