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Kitchen Moving Boxes and Supplies
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Kitchen Packing Boxes

As stressful as any move is, packing the kitchen is perhaps one of the most difficult rooms to pack. The main reason is the vast number of fragile and non-fragile items in different weights and shapes. There is no uniformity when you are packing canned goods, wine glasses, plates, and small appliances. To combat all the challenges, you should start with quality Kitchen Moving Boxes and Kitchen Kits which will not burst and break causing damage to the contents.  uBoxes Kitchen Boxes are sturdy double wall boxes used by many professional movers daily.  The double-walled Kitchen Boxes could be purchased in a 4-pack set or the form of a complete Kitchen Packing Kit.

  • uBoxes Double Wall Kitchen Boxes – Customize these super-strong double wall Kitchen boxes by adding the Cardboard Glass Dish Dividers or just use them for packing the small appliances. The other option is to order The Kitchen Moving Supplies Kits with dividers and other packing supplies included at one low price. The boxes are 18” x 18” x 28” which offers 27% more packing space than the boxes sold by competitors.
  • uBoxes Kitchen Moving Boxes Kit #1 – Ideal for packing plates, glasses, and other fragile items this kit includes 4 sturdy small Moving Boxes along with a great selection of packing supplies and dividers to help in reducing the risk of damages during the move.
  • uBoxes Kitchen Moving Boxes Kit #2 – The boxes are the same double wall larger Kitchen Moving Boxes but as a kit, they include Dish and Glass Foam Pouches, Packing Paper, Packing Tape, Clamshell Tape Dispenser, and Marker.

Tips for Packing Kitchen

You can easily take the stress out of packing the kitchen with a little organization.

  • Inventory - Start with an inventory of fragile items, and group articles like glasses and dishes separately.
  • Order Kitchen Moving Supplies – Make sure to order corresponding packing supplies when ordering the Kitchen Moving Boxes alone. Order a sufficient number of boxes, don’t worry if your order ends up with a couple of extra boxes as they are very versatile in packing other items in your household. When ordering uBoxes Moving Box Kits add additional Kitchen Boxes to pack small appliances, cutting board, knife set block, and other bulky and heavy items
  • Packing Fragile Kitchen Items – Assemble the partitions inside the Kitchen Boxes first, insert the glasses and dishes in the Glass or Dish Foam Pouches, and place them inside the partitions in the boxes. For extra support, you can cover the top and bottom of each box with a layer of crinkled Packing Papers. Secure the box with 3 rows of Packing Tape overlapping each other
  • Label Each Box – uBoxes offers labeling sheets for different rooms, either put the label on each box or use the included marker to describe the content of the boxes
  • Packing Cookbooks – The Small Moving Boxes are perfect for packing cookbooks or any other small yet heavy items
  • Packing Silverware and Utensils – Pack the silverware first inside Ziploc bags or resealable bags and secure the bags with packing tapes around them. For larger utensils, especially large knives and other sharp objects, wrap them inside the Bubble Rolls and secure the end of the rolls with packing tape to avoid unfolding. Put the larger utensils first inside the Small Kitchen Moving Boxes with a layer of Bubble Roll or crinkled Packing Papers on top and bottom.

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