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Bigger Boxes - Smart Moving Kit #7

90 Boxes, $188 in Supplies, and 237 cu.ft. of space

A $436 Value Sold Separately!

52 Medium moving boxes 18 x 14 x 12" 
28 Large moving boxes 20 x 20 x 15"
10 X-Large Moving boxes 23 x 23 x 16"
12 Rolls of SmartMove Tape $30 Value!
 - 4 Bed Room
 - 4 Kitchen
 - 2 Living Room
 - 2 Bathroom
2 Heavy Duty Dispenser
72' of Bubble Wrap
6 lbs of Wrapping paper
4 Markers

After Instant Rebate Special Price $380.28 Regular Price $447.38

Find Cheap Moving Boxes

When people try and find cheap moving boxes, they frequently gather moving boxes from grocery shops, liquor stores, or from work.  It is cheaper to buy same size boxes for stacking, carrying and save on space.  Since used store boxes may appear like great boxes, they won't be suitable for your move.  A lot of buyers inaccurately think that any kind of box and materials may be used for their move. In reality, moving boxes are specially made for moving from your residence or business using a moving truck, portable storage container or similar vehicle.  Using the right packing materials utilized by expert movers give you the most effective protection for your goods.  Also, expert moving companies use standard-sized boxes specifically designed for packing and moving things on to a moving truck or van with efficient usage of space. Experienced moving companies can figure out the kind and quantity of cardboard boxes that'll be required to finish your move. They are able to also work out how to most effectively load up these cardboard boxes inside the truck or van. If you are using nonstandard box measurements, the moving companies will need to do their very best to try and make the boxes fit correctly, however it won't be as effective if you are not using cardboard boxes that have standard moving box sizes.

Boxes for moving are constructed of single or double-wall corrugated cardboard. The thicker the wall structure in the box, the greater the Edge Crush Test rating the boxes are going to have. The greater the ECT rating stamped on the box, the tougher the structure the more items the box can hold. With a greater ECT rating, the more costly the box will be and the density of the box will be thicker.  Most professional moving companies use boxes with at least a rating of 32 ECT or can pass a 200lb test.  These comparisons are the moving industries criteria and provide you with the peace of mind that boxes holding your products are sufficiently strong enough to make the move. Boxes with an ECT of lower than 32 are not made for moving and ought to be avoided.One more easy packing suggestion - should you pack your own personal boxes, you may not be protected by your insurance policy in the event the items in your box are broken. Make sure to inquire with your movers about insurance for broken items.

More Information
UPC 741360976443
Weight 168.0000
Brand uBoxes
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size 7 Room Moving Kit
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes N/A