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Bigger Boxes - Smart Moving Kit #5

62 Boxes, $94 in Supplies, and 178 cu.ft. of space

A $272 Value Sold Separately!

30 Medium moving boxes 18 x 14 x 12" 
22 Large moving boxes 20 x 20 x 15" 
10 X-Large Moving boxes 23 x 23 x 16"
6 Rolls of SmartMove Tape $14.95 Value!
 - 2 Bed Room
 - 2 Kitchen
 - 1 Living Room
 - 1 Bathroom
110 yards of Clear Packing Tape
1 Heavy Duty Dispenser
48' of Bubble Wrap
3 lbs of Wrapping paper
2 Markers

After Instant Rebate Special Price $260.34 Regular Price $306.29

Moving Storage Boxes

Moving storage boxes come in handy for military, teachers, and seniors when moving into a new residence is not an option.  Sometimes you relocate or downsize your current home and need some time before moving to a new residence.  Our corrugated boxes for storage come in different box combinations to customize your move.  Buy packing labels to identify all your packages with the destination room.  The box labels come in different rooms printed on the label such as living room, kitchen and dining room.  By labeling your carton moving boxes you will be able to find things easily if you need something from storage.  Buying moving box kits also provide you same size boxes so that you can stack them to maximize your storage space.  In the long run when you prepare ahead of time the cost of your move can be greatly reduced by using the tips other experience movers provide in their packing tip lists.

Senior Moves

Senior Moves need time and preparation when downsizing a home.  A home has a lifetime of memories and a collection of vintage objects you have collected over the years.  It is best to start with one of our moving kits and a room to pack boxes.  To make this an easy transition you can hire an experienced helper to go through each room with all you have collected over the years and determine whether an item is for a garage sale, charity, or an item to keep.  Best to start packing early and with the help of children, grandchildren and loved ones you can be on your way to your new home.  Family members will cherish some of your items as memories as much as you do and provide a good home to the items you need to part with to move into your smaller residence.  

More Information
UPC 741360976368
Weight 122.0000
Brand uBoxes
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size 5 Room Moving Kit
Country of Manufacture United States
Single Boxes N/A